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Our company deals in a wide variety of products made from cocopeat. Coir pith is another name for cocopeat. Cocopeat or coir dust is derived from coconut husks. Cocopeat products are eco-friendly and are considered an ideal medium for growing vegetables, fruits and flowers. Thus, the products we offer find application in agriculture, horticulture, floriculture and organic farming. Our product range includes Cocopeat Block, Cocopeat Briquette, Coir Fibre Bale and Curled Coir Ropes. It is compressed with 100% coco pith and coco husk chips.

  • Cocopeat Block

    Cocopeat is the coir fibre pith which is produced when the coconut husk is processed. It is a bi-product of the coconut husks.Cocopeat blocks act as a soil conditioner and is an ideal growing medium which is popularly used in farming and agricultural practices.

  • Cocopeat Briquette

    Cocopeat Briquettes are made by compressing coir pith. They are made of coconut husk and are completely natural. Cocopeat briquettes find application in nurseries, home gardens, green houses and farming communities.

  • Coir Fiber Bale

    Coir fibre bales are derived from the husk of the coconut and are used to manufacture several products. They are dried and cleaned to remove impurities are chopped into sizes of 1cm to 3 cm sizes with a tolerance factor of 10%.

  • Curled Coir Rope

    The curled coir ropes we offer are made from matured brown coir fibre. The ropes are made by processing the raw materials through advanced and sophisticated technology.

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