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    The curled coir ropes we offer are made from matured brown coir fibre. The ropes are made by processing the raw materials through advanced and sophisticated technology. This is an age of nylon ropes but curled coir ropes are still considered a better choice due to its ruggedness and durability. Curled coir has a wide variety of applications. They form the base of coir mattresses, cushions, carpets and rubberized coir pads. Jeena export is a highly acclaimed manufacturer of twisted coir ropes in Tamil Nadu. Our natural coir ropes are known for its durability, quality and cost effectiveness. We produce coir ropes in spools, each weighing about 30-35kg or roughly 1 foot. It is of high quality with a moisture content of 15%. We offer long thick/thin fibre or short thick/thin fibre.


    • It is a timeless fibre used for household and industrial purpose
    • Curled coir ropes stay warm in winter and cool in summer
    • Dust and moth resistant
    • Durable and economical
    • Secure packaging
    • Timely delivery
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