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    Coir fibre bales are derived from the husk of the coconut and are used to manufacture several products. They are dried and cleaned to remove impurities are chopped into sizes of 1cm to 3 cm sizes with a tolerance factor of 10%. They are light brown in colour and are used as a raw material for car seat filler, furniture, geo textile, erosion and packaging. Coir peat is used as a perfect organic medium to recondition soil in horticulture to germinate seeds cutting, seeding and plants. Our coir pith bales are specially selected and compressed into 5kg bales which expand to nearly 70 litres. Our cocopeat bales undergo various tests before being supplied to the customer. The tests include electric conductivity, pH, consistency, density, sodium and potassium content.

    The motto of Jeena Exports is to supply high quality products which are derived from 100% natural coconut husk. The bales are packed securely with plastic straps.


    • Durable
    • Resistant to salt water and waterproof
    • Excellent cushioning material for bedding or mattresses
    • They generate more air porosity which allows the plant to grow freely
    • Available in various sizes at industry prices
    • Packed with plastic straps
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