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    Cocopeat Briquettes are made by compressing coir pith. They are made of coconut husk and are completely natural. Cocopeat briquettes find application in nurseries, home gardens, green houses and farming communities. It is an eco-friendly product that acts as an effective soil bed under greenhouse conditions. It yields better plant growth. Briquettes are easier to use when compared to blocks. Our team of professionals use modern methods for refining and processing the cocopeat. The working of briquettes is similar to blocks. When it comes in contact with moisture, it swells up and the size increases to nearly 10 times more than its original size. We take bulk orders and provide individual packing.

    We offer three types of cocopeat briquettes- washed, unwashed and buffered. We have an organised packaging unit and a skilled labour force that uses the shrink machines to pack the briquettes according to buyer specification requirement.


    • It is an effective soil bed
    • Effective soil conditioner
    • Ideal for hydroponic vegetable and fruit cultivation
    • Individual packings available
    • Attractive delivery prices
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