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    Cocopeat is the coir fibre pith which is produced when the coconut husk is processed. It is a bi-product of the coconut husks. Cocopeat blocks act as a soil conditioner and is an ideal growing medium which is popularly used in farming and agricultural practices. The cocopeat blocks we offer are consistent and have a uniform texture. Cocopeat blocks are important for healthy growth of the plant. Our factory is equipped with advanced machinery which produces good quality cocopeat blocks. The blocks contain high quality peat with fibre so that it can absorb more water. Thus, it is used as a mulching agent. Our main clients include large scale nurseries, garden centres and agricultural fields.

    At Jeena Exports, we offer 5kg and 650 grams cocopeat blocks. The cocopeat blocks are packed securely and are available in various sizes. We can also customise the cocopeat blocks as per client requirement. We take bulk orders up to 5200 blocks and provide bundle packing.


    • Resistant to bacterial and fungal growth
    • Light and easy to handle
    • Ideal growing medium
    • Consistent and uniform texture
    • Secure and tight packaging available
    • Affordable price for a quality product
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